03/08/19Paige White

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01/21/19Allison Gonzalez

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09/29/18Francesco Sinibaldi

The happy song.

This is an
happy and
delicate song,
the sweet
of an intense

Francesco Sinibaldi

09/28/18Shona Aachen

Hi there

Shop Ray-Ban Sunglasses 19.95 dollars only today @polaroideyewear.online

Best regards,

Peter Cho Music

10/08/17randy porter

Hey, Peter!

Tried to connect on Grammy Pro, but am not sure the site is working.

I too am a jazz pianist and hope you will enjoy Porter Plays Porter with Nancy King, submitted for Best Vocal Jazz Album this year. It's mostly Cole Porter tunes, except for one original, Inside Your Mind. My trio includes John Wiitala on bass and Todd Strait on drums. Nancy King is a legendary scat singer who never fails to deliver. Appreciate your ears and support!

Porter Plays Porter with Nancy King https://soundcloud.com/user-526588810

Inside Your Mind

thnx for listening!- rp

Categories for Consideration:
Best Vocal Jazz Album
Best Improvised Jazz Solo for Nancy King on "I Concentrate On You"
Best Improvised Jazz Solo for Randy Porter on "Inside Your Mind"
Best Instrumental and Vocal Arrangement for "Inside Your Mind"
Song of the Year for "Inside Your Mind"

04/27/16Charmaine Allesandro


Thank you so much for attending my aunt's memorial service and reception. I know she loved you. Your presence made it extra special for her family!!!


01/06/16Glen Adams

My son Kit Adams has been a student of yours at the Armstrong summer camp for the past few years. He has been taking lessons in classical piano for 6years and has decided to move his efforts towards jazz piano. Kit speaks very highly of you and I wondered if you or someone you know would be interested in offering lessons for him on a weekly basis? Thanks Glen Adams. 504-722-7400

01/17/15Bonnie Zeitler

Hey Pete! I was kicking around this crazy idea of taking Charles to N.O. for Jazz Fest in April. He's never been and I just wanted to get some advice from you. Hope we get to catch up soon :-)

06/26/14Grant Maloy Smith

Hi Peter
I wanted to let you know that I will be hosting a lunch in New Orleans on July 27th at noon - it's a great time and fun to meet other recording academy people. Would be great to meet you! If you want to share your music, bring some CDs - there should be 10-15 people.

This is not an official NARAS event - just us musicians connecting and having fun. The lunch is on me.

If you'd like to come, please let me know and I will send you the details!

All the best,

Grant Maloy Smith
American Roots Artist
(401) 524-5681

04/13/14Dillard Eubank

Dear Doctor Cho,

I'm the alte kaka who hovered over your piano while taking still pictures and haltingly, fumblingly with my telephone putzingly making videos of your hands as you played.

I came upstairs with my extra bagel and read your WEBSITE;
I can see you bicycling through the carnival throngs.

For sure I'll be at Sonesta to hear you play. i'll TRY to come to
carnival to see you RIDE!


03/24/14Kali Bradford

Dear Mr. Pellera,

Each year, Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra honor significant Jazz artists, professionals and supporters during our annual THE BIG BEAT gala. Under the leadership of Host Committee Co-Chairs and NOJO board members Soledad O'Brien and David Schulingkamp, this year’s gala will celebrate and honor New Orleans piano players who have continued, furthered and influenced the Congo Square legacy that gave birth to Jazz.

This year’s THE BIG BEAT festivities will feature two events: a Patron Preview Party on Wednesday, April 16th, at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse and the Gala Concert & Dinner on Thursday, April 17th, in the Grand Ballroom of the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The Thursday concert will feature Jazz patriarch Ellis Marsalis as both an honoree and special guest with NOJO, as well as a tribute to legend Fats Domino led by Davell Crawford, and additional tributes to both Dr. John and Allen Toussaint.

We also hope to honor you for your contributions to Jazz and the New Orleans piano tradition with a Piano Legacy Award during the gala’s Patron Preview Party on Wednesday, April 16th (8:00-11:00pm). Piano Legacy Awards are presented to musicians who are continuing and enhancing the distinct and important New Orleans piano tradition, both locally and globally. The evening’s program will feature renowned pianists Henry Butler, Marcia Ball and Davell Crawford, who will also be honored during the event with Congo Square Awards. If you are able to attend, we will provide you with complimentary tickets.

NOJO’s inaugural THE BIG BEAT gala in 2012 honored legendary drummers Jason Marsalis, Cyril Neville, Shannon Powell, Herlin Riley, Adonis Rose and Bill Summers. The finale featured the five drummers in an unforgettable drum battle. In 2013, NOJO honored more than a dozen “Masters of the Reed," including clarinet legend Pete Fountain, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award and a moving tribute song performed by fellow clarinetist and NOJO musician Evan Christopher.

This is a very exciting year for NOJO, as we just broke ground on our first building project, The New Orleans Jazz Market, in Central City. THE BIG BEAT is a critical fundraising event for the Jazz Market, which will be the first space built for Jazz in the City of New Orleans. I hope that you will consider joining us as we embark on this important journey.

Kali Bradford

04/26/13Shin Uchida Scull

Hi Dr.Cho, I just wanted to say hi to you. You may not remember me, but I was once your jazz piano student in 1998 to 2001. I am Japanese and my maiden name was Uchida.I was in your wedding as a part of Ms. Toney's Choir. I transferred to Temple University and became music therapist. I am living in South Jersey with my American husband.( Not Tadahiro!) Ms. Toney told me you are doing very well. Please say hi to your beautiful wife as well.

03/07/13James Hudso Sr

Hello Professor Cho,
This is a former studet of yours who desires your assistance.
I know how very busy you are so I' contacting you to inform you that I sent music iles to your email address located on the bottom right of this contact page. Please give a listenwhen you can. Thanks and many blessings to you and your entire family.

James Hudson Sr
(504) 304-7813

p.s......I aslutely love the music. Your style is totally awesome!!!

01/30/13Shannon del Corral

Hey Pete!
I just got a message from someone looking for a jazz piano instructor for Matthew McConoughay's son. I forwarded your info along. I don't know if you're available or if they'll contact you, but wanted you to know that I immediately thought of you. I hope you're doing great!

05/07/12Brother Charles G Abadie PM

Is there still room in the 2012 Jazz Camp? My 16 year old son is interested. He is a piano player who loves jazz. (he nails Brubeck's "Blue Rondo") We are also looking for a new instructor (his instructor for the last 5 years has cancer). Any info on the two requests would be appreciated.

05/01/12Cheryl Neuman McDermott, DVM

Hi peter,
Remember me? :) Looks like you are doing well. I have been searching for old friends and am finally learning facebook. What a great tool. Would love to catch up sometime.
Warmest Regards,

03/28/12Bill Saitta

Peter,..I met you last year subbing for Sharkey at Houston's. I'll be in Nola from 4/11 till 5/3 would love to connect. Let me know where you're gonna be.
Bill Saitta (bass)

03/24/12James Hudson Sr

Hello Professor Cho. I'm one of your former recording seminar students. I love your site. The music performances are excellent. I am writing to you about music that I have composed. I'm hoping that you can take time out of your busy schedule to a demo CD that I have. I value you as a teacher and as a gifted artist. Professor I need your assistance. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Thank you. James Hudson Sr Hm: 504-304-7813 Cell:503-472-4197

03/16/12Grant Williams

hi Pete! was checking out the site and will pass on to a group of power companies, the NRECA. our convention was in CA this year and is NOLA 2013. I hope the event staff will contact you regarding having JRM perform! all the best. grant

01/09/12Robert Willey


We have had a proposal in the works for several years for a new program in Music Business at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Recently the State moratorium on new programs has been lifted, and we are eager to get our proposal in this month, with the prospects of opening the program already next fall. We are proposing two concentrations in a new Bachelor of Arts in Music degree—music business, and traditional music, in order to capitalize on the presence of our new endowed chair of traditional music, Mark Dewitt.

One of the justifications we are using for the program to show that it supports the well-being of the state and its current and evolving needs is the State's investments in sound recording and film tax incentives. I would like to know if you would be willing and able to write a letter of support that we can include with our application. I'm sorry for the last minute request, but it would be most useful if it were to arrive by next week.

I think they would be interested in your perspective of the music business in Louisiana, and how you think a B.A. in traditional music or music business could make a positive difference. I'd like to visit you at Delgado this semester to explore ways we could work together, with or without the B.A. concentration in music business.

Please address to:

Garth Alper
School of Music and Performing Arts
P.O. Box 41207
Lafayette, LA 70504-1207

Things they are especially interested in:
How it help the well being of the state or region, contribute to economic development.
Outlook for employment—supply and demand of workers in this field

Best regards,
+Robert Willey
(337) 482-5204
Music Media Division
School of Music and Performing Arts
UL Lafayette

08/11/11John Doheny


As this was the only e-mail addy I could find on you, I guess I\'ll just re-iterate my phone mssg. I\'m just coming off six years as professor of practise and co-ordinator of jazz performance studies at Tulane. I\'m looking for further teaching opportunities, either academic/classroom stuff, directing combos or private lessons on saxophone. I did all these things at Tulane. Please drop me a line if there are any openings.

Kindest regards,

John Doheny

07/10/11Aaron and Maria Gloth

Geez, and here we thought you were just some dude who could do headstands in Monday night yoga class! You're multi-dimensional! Love the "Amazing Grace".

05/04/11Scott Kyser

Hi Dr. Cho its Scott from Delgado. I just wanted to say hi and have checked out your site. I was also interested in coming to hang out and sit in with the ensemble on tues thurs if they are still practicing, I am in the horticulture program at delgado now but will be going to the music program next year. I look forward to learning much and really would like to get your feedback and knowlegde in the music world. Keep in touch and look forward to seeing you soon.

01/14/11Eric Fagans

Hi Peter,
Hope you and your wife are hale and hearty. (Sorry, could not recall her name.)
Stumbled on your site while looking for information about James Rivers and Art Neville. Did Art sing "All These Things" on the "I'm the Man" CD? If it was James, they really, really sound alike.
Blessings for a fantastic 2011.

07/26/10Charae Corey Hosey

Hello again Dr. Cho. You probably don't remember me. But, we did a gig for the Alpha Phi Alpha national convention last year here in New Orleans. I also taught at Helen Cox High School. I had tried to reach you for sometime now. But it seems we always miss each other lol. Anyway, I wanted to inquire about the big band you are directing. Were there any seats available in the saxophone section or if possible, could I sit in on a few sessions. My cell phone number is . I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

04/24/10john alston

caught you,once again, last night at fat's....with rivers movement..

you remain outstanding. and, as mentioned(if you recall), in the mode of David Torkanowski..you are good!! perhaps even great..
stay the course!!

04/18/10Jason Specht

Chris Kreuger refered me to you. I am a part time trombone player living in New Orleans. He said the Delgado Jazz band has people sit in rehearsal on Tuesdays and I should check with you to see if you need any extra players. Let me know. Thanks.


02/13/10Rick Harlan

Hi Pete,

A belated congrats on the Saints' big win (I officially rooted for the Colts, but I was just too impressed at how hard the Saints worked to win).

And an extremely belated "what's up?" I started wondering what you were up to, and I found this site by way of Linked-In. Wow. Ph.D., deptartment head, all-around pillar of your community. If I had just one paragraph of your bio, I wouldn't have time for anything else (like eating, sleeping). How do you do it (that's a rhetorical question, I couldn't do it if you told me how)?

OK, I'm going to plug my headphones in (I have Saturday office hours today) and listen to your music section. I remeber your Ave Maria arrangement being my favorite piece from the James Rivers CDs that I have.

All the best to you and Louanne,


12/29/09Bradley Schneller

Hi Peter,

Do you remember me? I'm putting together a New Year's Eve party at the my hotel and I need a lounge piano player. Are you available? The gig would be from 7pm - 11pm. Cash compensation plus two tickets to our event. The event is from 6pm - 1am and features Amanda Shaw and the cute guys. It also includes a 4 course gourmet dinner and unlimited cocktails . Call me Asap or email me asap:

11/17/09Jeff Mooney


I will be in NO tomorrow through friday morning. any shot of getting ourselves and wives together?


09/30/09Charles Moore

Hey Peter, Love the site! If you had more pictures i would still be watching. Yours truely, Charles

09/24/09Jon Burroughs

(Great looking site)....as per your suggestion, could you send me the link to the copyright workshop next week at the Music Shed? Thanks

09/05/09Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin

Thrilled you will be at Gretna Fest with the James Rivers Movement!
And Sunday Brunch at the Fine Arts Center sounds just lovely!

See you soon!

08/31/09Tyrone McKnight

Hi Mr. Cho,

Enjoyed browsing the site and really enjoy the smooth jazz!

07/29/09Gerrald Martes

Peter thanks for visiting the Old Man and the Sea. Hope you like my cd,
We will definitly keep in contact.


07/06/09steve edwards

Nice website!

06/08/09Bud Logan

Hey Peter
I met you at the Hilton recently with Darrell Richards. I spoke with you about possibly playing with you as a drummer with the community group some day. As you may remember, I am a photographer and I noticed that you could use a few good images for your site. I think it would be an interesting project for both of us to have me shoot sosme images of you, no charge, at an upcoming event just for the fun of it. Check some of my work out at and if this interests you let me know. I would also like to attend the next communnity group get together just to see what's up so let me know whn that will happen as well.
Bud Logan -

02/17/09Ole John Boy

hootinany. oooogggaaa. blah, blah, blah.

Have fun on your Cruise


04/22/08Pat Williams

I saw you at the brunch at the hilton on Sunday. You guys were great! I loved the bagpipes!

03/23/08Clint Eastwood

Hey Pete! Long time no see. I love the snapshots. Thanks for all the work you did on the soundtrack. You're tops in my book....

03/05/08Brian Huck

Hi Peter,

Long time, no see! Seems like band ended up taking you further than it did me... :-)


01/31/08Frank & Cindy Mayes

Hi Peter,

We sure enjoyed playing at Delgado this morning & hope you had a good time! It meant alot to us that you were able to be there. We're such sidemen- being in charge of our own thing is scary. Hope that wasn't too obvious!

Great website!

Frank & Cindy

12/14/07Keshawn Thompson

Peter Cho you are the best.

Thanks for the music, you are a true gentleman & a scholar.

God Bless You & Happy Holidays!

10/15/07SKIP DELL



Yea! Great site! Sharp look & easy to navigate. I like the sliding vertical bar for the different sections & the "watermark" image of you at the piano is cool.
My son stopped his playing & came over to dance to the music!
BTW: we're planning on being in Slidell for Thanksgiving. Can we get together?